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Become a part of the process of creating something beautiful! The choice of matting significantly contributes to the overall appearance of your framed piece. You can choose the matting based on the color scheme, where it will be displayed, or the color that ideally complements the art. Bring your artwork in and we can show you samples that will help you to select the perfect color for your matting.

If your artwork is delicate and you want it to last, conservation matting is a must. It's acid-free, and it will not burn the paper it touches. Edgewood Frame Shop offers total conservation-quality framing service, including the backing material.

Matting offers many ways to customize your framed items.

  • Acid-free

  • Fabric

  • Linen

  • Textured

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Eye-catching Color Mats

Conservation matting

Matting material choices

A Rainbow of mat board choices

Get your old nostalgia-evoking photos restored. Also, get them fitted in ready-made frames for long-lasting clarity.

Restore photos and frame them